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Thanks for stopping by! I’m Ben Palmer, owner of Eastbourne Films.

The name Eastbourne Films comes from the street I grew up on when I shot my first videos. I started shooting weddings when I was still a film student in college and instantly fell in love with the process. I saw the potential to craft a story about each wedding that was unique, compelling, and heartfelt, and that’s the foundation of my business today.

I take the approach that while I get the best footage possible, I stay out of the way to make sure that everything unfolds naturally (which is usually better than anything I could have planned).  I want to get those treasured moments of your close friends chanting your name as you pull off that crazy dance move, the look in your parents’ eyes when they see you in your dress for the first time, the tearful story in your maid of honor’s speech, and the look of wonder and awe in you and your partner’s eyes during the first look. I’ll step in to get those cinematic shots that will make every single one of your Instagram followers hit the like button, but the best part of my job is capturing the moments that happen organically.

The amazing thing about a wedding film is that it not only gives the chance to relive the best day of your life, but also experience all the emotions that come with it. Your wedding will fly by (just ask any married couple!), but a wedding film allows you to cherish those memories and relive the most special moments.

Outside of shooting weddings, I love photography, sailing, and traveling the world. Feel free to follow my adventures on my Instagram (@_benpalm)!

I’d love to meet with you and hear about your upcoming wedding! Please send me a note and let’s connect. You can also check out my other wedding projects in the “Films” section of the site.